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The COPASAH Global Symposium 2019 on Citizenship, Governance and Accountability in Health taking place from October 15-18, 2019 in New Delhi will be a 'practitioner-centred-symposium'. It will focus on sharing and learning from the practice by practitioners of diverse cultural, linguistic, geo-political and national contexts, primarily from the global south. The Programme format of the Symposium aims to facilitate interaction, between practitioners in health; and policy makers, academics, researchers, and other activists on common issues of concern. Some of the formats to stimulate interactions include:

  • Daily plenaries on key intersectional themes
  • Self organised Satellite sessions on accountability and social action in health
  • Thematic curated sessions
  • Participant proposed sessions
  • 'Learning cohorts' and Learning synthesis groups to facilitate intersectional synthesis and thematic learning
  • Film shows/ AV demonstrations followed by discussions
  • Skill exchange and learning workshops
  • Curated poster presentation- gallery walk with discussion
  • Cultural expressions and engagements