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COPASAH Global Symposium 2019 Curtain Raisers (Thematic Webinars)

COPASAH Symposium Secretariat and Communication hub launched the CoPGS2019 Curtain Raisers: COPASAH Global Symposium 2019 Thematic Webinars series as a run up to the COPASAH Global Symposium on Citizenship, Governance and Accountability in Health, which the global network of COPASAH is hosting from October 15-18, in New Delhi India at the India Habitat Centre. The webinar series are a package of six thematic webinars which started from August 19, 2019 onwards and are slated to run up till the month of September 2019.

As a precursor to the COPASAH Symposium, the Curtain Raiser series are introducing thematic pitches and sessions of respective theme curated for the Symposium, acquainting the key speakers and contributors to the theme besides discussing strategic thematic deliberations and key issues and challenges of the themes.

The recordings of the curtain raisers held from August 19 onwards are available here:

Curtain Raiser 1 (Theme 5 -Health Care Workers)

Curtain Raiser 2 (Theme 4 - Patients Rights and Private Health Sector)

Curtain Raiser 3 (Theme 1 - Community Action)

(Curtain Raiser 4 Theme 2 Indigenous and Vulnerable People)

(Curtain Raiser 5 Theme 3 Moving forward the agenda for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights)